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God Sent Me: A Woman Missionary in the Jungle

Book cover titled: God Sent Me A Woman Missionary in the Jungle. By Sharon Porterfield and Douglas Wellman.

The Story

Raised in wealth and privilege in Southern California, the last thing Sharon Porterfield ever expected was to become a Christian missionary in the hostile, unforgiving jungles of Southeast Asia.

Her parents were atheists, but something inside her told her that there had to be a Creator. After years of searching and study, she became a committed Christian. In her mid-thirties she found a church she loved and ministered to at-risk women. She thought she had found her perfect place in Christian service. She was wrong.

One night a missionary spoke at her church. Disinterested and half listening, she suddenly felt God pull her to investigate. Seemingly against her will, she was strongly compelled to visit Burma and the Karen people who live there.

She gave in and went.

The country was hot, humid, and alive with scorpions and malaria infected mosquitoes, and the Burmese Army was always a threat, periodically launching genocidal attacks against the Karen. The most basic of creature comforts, like indoor toilets and easy access to food, were absent.

Despite all this, Sharon fell in love with the Karen people and knew this was going to be her life's work, because God Sent her.

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